On the eastern coastline of the Messinian Gulf, southeast of Kalamata and a short distance from the charming Kardamili, lies a major resort center of Messinian Mani known for its beautiful natural landscape and picturesque coastal zone: Stoupa.

Visiting the area the diversity of the landscape will enchant you. The imposing Taygetos, traditional Mani architecture, harbors, picturesque churches, caves, traditional villages with magnificent cobbled streets and stunning sandy beaches make up a beautiful scenery that enchants every visitor.

At Stoupa you can explore the surrounding area and admire the inexhaustible nature:

  •  On the lovely beaches of the village you can enjoy the sun and the sea and indulge in water sports.
  • Along the coastal road, you’ll find a wide variety of taverns and restaurants where you can taste the delicious dishes of local gastronomy, and many cafes and atmospheric bars, where you can have fun drinking your drink.
  • A short distance from Stoupa you can visit the 13th-century Lefktron Castle and or explore the abandoned coal mines, where Nikos Kazantzakis worked with Alexis Zorbas and inspired the story.
  • Apart from the beautiful beaches and historical landmarks, it is worthwhile to enjoy the idyllic sunsets from anywhere in the village.
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Just like old times…

Although a small village of just over 500 hundred inhabitants, Stoupa’s remarkable tourist infrastructure and its beautiful beaches are every year a pole of attraction for numerous visitors.

Still if we compare Stoupa now with the time when the first visitors were just discovering it, it’s obvious how the village and the surrounding area have kept their authentic character as it were 40 years ago.

Stoupa, combining the beauty of Messinian Mani with the stunning natural scenery and the wonderful beaches, offers a relaxing family holiday. Visit it and admire one of the most magical sunsets of the Messinian Gulf.